James M. Walton is the principal of a philanthropic initiative and an investment strategy, dedicated to supporting human potential. James is deeply inspired by Helen and Sam Walton’s belief that there is no limit to what individuals can accomplish “if given the opportunity, the encouragement and the incentive to do their best.”

James is engaged with the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 Education Program, and also independently runs his own philanthropic initiative. His personal philanthropy is committed to promoting diverse instructional models, such as the Montessori Method, that serve the individual needs of each student. His focus is equity for all children, and he is deeply committed to a governance system for public education that honors democracy, communities and a diversity of outcomes.

James runs an investment strategy, currently New Company, LLC, that enables people to fulfill their potential through the arts, volunteering and local community.

James is the grandson of Helen and Sam Walton, founders of the Walton Family Foundation and Walmart.

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