anna-czekaj-farberANIA CZEKAJ-FARBER

Ania Czekaj-Farber has been a Montessori parent since 2004, when her first child attended a Primary classroom. She has been actively involved in Montessori education since then, following her three children through the Primary and the Elementary programs, supporting the school’s teachings, vision and its community. Ms. Czekaj-Farber worked at National Economic Research Associates in New York, after emigrating from Poland, transferring from the Warsaw Main School of Trade and then graduating from the MA/BA Economic program at Hunter College of New York. Ania is also an accomplished opera singer, Broadway producer and the head of Czekaj Artistic Productions. She strongly believes that music education at the early stages of children’s development is vital and she is a strong advocate of music education being a crucial part the elementary schools and high schools curricula as well. Back to Leadership.