Who We Are

The Trust for Learning’s mission is to make ideal learning real for all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status. That means engaging providers of high quality models and programs in order to adapt and deliver the best programs and best outcomes across very different communities—complete with infrastructure, curriculum and educators.

We are a group of grantmakers that accelerates the supply of ideal learning programs while helping practitioners build public demand through advocacy and marketing. We balance and accelerate the supply of ideal learning programs and demand for them by bringing together a community of exemplar providers and building communications so that more options can be implemented, marketed and scaled.

Ideal learning is what you want for your own child: evidence-based, curriculum-rich early learning that is child-centric, emotionally and intellectually engaging, structured and accountable for developing the whole child. Ideal learning programs have proven that they can help all children progress, but they must be readily available to disadvantaged families and communities to reduce inequality.

Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change articulates our roadmap for making ideal learning accessible for all children. Download to learn more about how we’re collaborating with other early childhood education stakeholders to make the ideal real.