Re-Imagining Education to Meet Children's Needs

Current brain research indicates that the earliest years are critical in building the foundation for children’s long-term learning and success.

The Trust will support research on developmentally appropriate learning and work closely with high-quality programs and their networks to prime them for expansion.

Changing When, What, and How We Teach

We must recognize that children are intrinsically wired to learn, and that to optimize that learning, they require appropriate and engaging early learning environments and experiences, and facilitated guidance by highly skilled and observant teachers.

A New Direction for Reform

Science has determined that the quality of the learning environment is critically important in forming the foundation of thinking and reasoning, language, physical ability, and social and emotional behavior.

The fundamental change in how we teach is to create learning environments where students, not the teacher, are at the center of learning and decision making.

Expanding Availability

Currently, about half of 3-year-olds and three-quarters of 4-years-olds attend preschools in the United States, but in programs of broadly varying—and frequently low—quality.

In stark contrast, other nations—including China and India—are betting their future success on expanding quality early childhood programs to serve more students.

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Photo credits: Jessica Lucia, Aurimas Adomavicius, Yoshiyasu Nishikawa