Trust for Learning supports and advocates for ideal learning: child-centric, emotionally and intellectually engaging, structured and accountable for developing skills for life success.

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Re-imagining education to meet the needs of our children


All children have the innate ability to learn and grow.  Programs that embrace hands-on, self-paced, and collaborative learning strategies help children develop into exceptional learners who also have the life skills that are critical to success.

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Change is happening

At Trust for Learning, we’re working every day to make ideal learning real.

Here’s some of our latest news:

Prince George to Attend Westacre Montessori School Nursery

Montessori is one of the models for ideal learning. While its value is recognized by royalty, for over a century Montessori has produced better life outcomes for children from all walks of life, especially the most disadvantaged. That’s what happens when you meet children where they are, develop their full range of skills and empower them to reach their potential. Montessori is a great education for princes and everyone else.

Washington comes to Montessori at the first Montessori Public Policy Initiative Retreat

Trust for Learning was also thrilled to fund and attend the first gathering of the Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI), where Montessori representatives from 26 states gathered to develop a collective agenda for reaching more children who need it most.  Libby Doggett, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Early Learning, kicked off the event.  Click here for more information.

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